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1st-Nov-2008 10:25 pm - job
hello everyone..i just found this community and even though i never use livejournal i couldn't help but join..
i was looking for some extra tips on a job interview and woah..
so i did get an interview somehow (total accident) and i'm sooooooo nervous, being a foreigner in japan with no experience.. hopefully i can make a good first impression and charm the interviewer with..freshness!
i love love uniqlo, 80% of what i wear is uniqlo, to the point where i'm shy to enter a uniqlo store wearing ALL UNIQLO..
and i love their activities/events/policy, everythaaang!!
so wish me luck and よろしくお願いします。
31st-Oct-2006 12:00 am - UNQLO, HIRE ME!!!

Gosh, I just want to work at U. so badly. 
And I know they are looking for new ppl now, and I even know that they might need some specialist just like me. 

I would really put 200% of all possible effort ever. Shouuuuuuush......... 

13th-Sep-2006 11:29 am(no subject)
Yahoo, I just got my sweet sweet new UNIQLO sandals just for 390 yen!! And I love it...
30th-Dec-2005 01:11 pm - BODY by UNIQLO
Prairie dawn

Oh, finally Uniqlo seperated their wonderful underwear units into the independant brand called 'Body by Uniqlo', and, oh, dear me, it's just soooo cool!!! =)))) and one thing about the models: guys, thank you very much that your models don't look like someone who didn't get food for two months. They are just normal, their bodies are perfectly normal. I already spent some amount of money at www.uniqlo.com to get few beautiful slips and a bra! =)



Ok, here we go again today. What's this about now, now it's about the reaching Uniqlo's competitors on the market. Who could be the main one? I think, that according to the latest politics of Uniqlo's management, it could be GAP, another casual clothes brand #1, but from America: it's irritatingly everywhere, and surprisingly everyone wants to buy that, even though it's way more expensive.

Let's say two years ago, maybe three, Uniqlo implantated new brand-in-brand, even few: UNIQLO+, TrendStyle and smth like that. Well done guys, but the clothes (the best parts of collection) became much more expensive. I don't know your sales results of the year yet, but i'm sure it didn't grow. Because yet customer isn't ready for that. Even Japanese ppl can count their money, so either they want smth good, they are not ready to buy that at Uniqlo.

The question is: does Uniqlo really want GAP's future? Does it want the same place on the market? Or maybe Uniqlo corp can just work better to continue the way they started at the year 1997. With their own mrkg strategy they have everything to GAIN the client, they have everything to KEEP the client, they have good chances for the further successful way, but 'changing the horses' could just fail down those brilliant perspectives.

21st-Dec-2005 05:24 pm - UK: mannequins
Today I just want to mention about British Uniqlo outdoor style, the one which they don't use in Japan: mannequins.

Well, I was really surprised to see that, because I thought the concept that Uniqlo uses 'CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE' is quite working. Huge assortment of colours and models that company proposes to its customers is incredible, it gives a rich field for using our imagination and it helps to complete our style. There are not too many companies who could do things like that actually and frankly this is why I love Uniqlo that much, it's like a big box with colourful crayons: you can draw and colour any way you want. Especially young people, which are afraid to copy and be copied.

Putting the plastic bodies under the windows and creating a visual accompaniment destroy that obvious advantage on the market. Uniqlo is beyond the style, it's something which customer develops himself, and Uniqlo doesn't give this opportunity to a British client. Too bad :/
17th-Dec-2005 10:50 pm - INTERVIEW AT UNIQLO
My husband just visited Uniqlo office to pass the job interview. His impressions are:
* everyone wears casual in the office, even high level managers;
** office is places in less sexiest place in Tokyo, but inside it's very cool;
*** on fridays the employees are FORCED (excuse me) to leave office at 7pm (that's not very japanese =).
**** apparently, everyone has to share his opinion during the meetings, if you don't speak on the meeting - you get fired right away (that's very japanese =).
14th-Dec-2005 05:27 pm - ABOUT UNIQLO
UNIQLO's mission, based on the vision of founder Tadashi Yanai, is to empower individuals with the basic clothing pieces to create a unique style of their own. If the clothes shout louder than the person, the person cannot be heard, has led to the company's phenomenal success and near universal brand recognition in Japan.

Uniqlo is a brand of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. and among the top ten specialty apparel retailers in the world. Other group companies include Theory, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Aspesi, National Standard and One Zone.
9th-Dec-2005 11:53 pm - WELCOME, NEW COMMUNITY!!!
Well, here we go,

Uniqlo's fans community has been finally open!
I'd say i love this brand, since there were not that popular even in japan yet, i love the way they design their clothes, i love the way they sell, i love the way they are placed, i love the way they are on the market.

i don't really know what could be written there, but, pls welcome, I am sure I am not the only one uniqlo's fan. i mean i hope.

Available languages are: english, japanese, french, russian.
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