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UK: mannequins 
21st-Dec-2005 05:24 pm
Today I just want to mention about British Uniqlo outdoor style, the one which they don't use in Japan: mannequins.

Well, I was really surprised to see that, because I thought the concept that Uniqlo uses 'CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE' is quite working. Huge assortment of colours and models that company proposes to its customers is incredible, it gives a rich field for using our imagination and it helps to complete our style. There are not too many companies who could do things like that actually and frankly this is why I love Uniqlo that much, it's like a big box with colourful crayons: you can draw and colour any way you want. Especially young people, which are afraid to copy and be copied.

Putting the plastic bodies under the windows and creating a visual accompaniment destroy that obvious advantage on the market. Uniqlo is beyond the style, it's something which customer develops himself, and Uniqlo doesn't give this opportunity to a British client. Too bad :/
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