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GAP's way of selling isn't simply the best... 
28th-Dec-2005 11:57 pm
Ok, here we go again today. What's this about now, now it's about the reaching Uniqlo's competitors on the market. Who could be the main one? I think, that according to the latest politics of Uniqlo's management, it could be GAP, another casual clothes brand #1, but from America: it's irritatingly everywhere, and surprisingly everyone wants to buy that, even though it's way more expensive.

Let's say two years ago, maybe three, Uniqlo implantated new brand-in-brand, even few: UNIQLO+, TrendStyle and smth like that. Well done guys, but the clothes (the best parts of collection) became much more expensive. I don't know your sales results of the year yet, but i'm sure it didn't grow. Because yet customer isn't ready for that. Even Japanese ppl can count their money, so either they want smth good, they are not ready to buy that at Uniqlo.

The question is: does Uniqlo really want GAP's future? Does it want the same place on the market? Or maybe Uniqlo corp can just work better to continue the way they started at the year 1997. With their own mrkg strategy they have everything to GAIN the client, they have everything to KEEP the client, they have good chances for the further successful way, but 'changing the horses' could just fail down those brilliant perspectives.

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